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Introducing "LINKS to Language"

LINKS to Language is a structured and sequenced language learning program that teaches children the prerequisites needed for learning receptive(what the child understands out of practiced routines of the home and school) and expressive (connecting words together to form thoughts) language skills. LINKS to language teaches preverbal skills such as increased focus, attention, sustained eye contact and auditory memory. The program builds by teaching simple to complex language forms in a systematic and logical way in which children learn on a developmental "typical" continuum which makes language learning much easier. The program also uses correction based practice, so the child never exercises error when learning. This is excellent for a child's confidence and self-esteem.
Small Groupspho2

Small groups/social groups are designed for children who need to learn how to socialize and play using their verbal skills in a small setting with peers who are matched according to developmental, social, language and play levels. These groups are often precursors to moving onward to a larger environment like a classroom or free play environment.

"Mock" classrooms are designed to help children to be successful in the real classroom setting. By creating a replica of the real classroom environment, children learn how to use their learned social skills in a natural environment. The classroom is set up to provide practice with transitioning, following verbal directions, using social language working independently and completing tasks independently.

Unique Services

  • ABA Servces
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  • Jump Start

Thirty years of scientific research has shown that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) works for children with Autism. However, Applied Behavior Analysis principles are used in our clinic and in the Speech For Life Therapy Center, P.C. for all children who are learning speech (how sounds are produced) and language (how words connect to form thoughts and to communicate)skills. With Applied Behaviro Analysis, small tasks are taught that are the prerequisites needed to learn speech and language.


Summer Mock Classroom focuses on group instruction, transitioning through activities and centers, attending and learning in a group setting, expressive language skills, social skills-including turn taking, sharing and waiting, using language to initiate play and simple games. This program also includes an individual assessment using the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment protocol.

Summer Mock Classroom is appropriate for children entering Pre-K or Kindergarten with Autism or other difficulties with speech, language, behavior and social skills. This program is designed to teach children the necessary skills that are needed to generalize into a typical classroom setting.

Summer Mock Classroom is offered on a monthly tuition basis in during June, July and August. It runs for 3 week durations each month and for 7.5 hours/week.


ABA Therapy For Life has multiple programs and events that parents and children can both attend. These events are tailored to help parents learn the ins and outs of how to continue ABA services in a home atmosphere to help in the child's development. Social skills, verbal behavior, and much more are some of the lessons taught in our events. Contact our main office or stop by and see what the upcoming events are in your neighborhood.

Jump Start is the first and only program in the Texas region to provide a fully integrated applied verbal behavior program (AVB) and applied behavior analysis (ABA) with LINKS to Language approach. The combination of the speech-language therapy with applied verbal behavior is a powerful and logically structured approach to teaching children to use functional and social communication.

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Speech Therapy For Life is located in the Bellaire area of Houston. If you are a first time visitor to our location, please contact our office if further directions are needed.

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ABA Therapy

aba-logoLooking for our sister company ABA Therapy For Life? Click here for more information on Applied Behavior Analysis. Our offices are located in the same building, which allows us to handle both types of clients under one roof. This way your child benefits from twice the amount of available resources.